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bps video replication transfer and digital printing perth

About BPS Video Services

  • about BPS printing and Video willeton perth BPS Video Services has been established since 1988 and has been servicing both the commercial and private sectors for duplication of video onto VHS or DVD.

    BPS Video Services prides itself in being a one stop solution to any video production.

    It is advantageous that you discuss your job with us before you make any decisions. All our advice is given freely and you are under no obligation to place your job with us. Particularly with DVD there are many pitfalls that you can fall into and once a decision is made and it proves wrong it can be very expensive to correct. BPS Video Services has resident graphic artists on staff to help you design artwork for on disc printing and sleeves. BPS Video Services has the very latest Digital printing technology for small printing runs. BPS Video Services is connected to a large international DVD replicator. We can obtain excellent prices for you for quantities as low as 300 units.

    It is always better to have your DVD's replicatored rather than burnt onto DVD-R or DVD+R. Once the disc's have been produced BPS Video Services can provide the packaging your job requires be it a cheap give away in a paper sleeve, a fully presented package in a DVD case or a multi disk presentation in custom designed packaging. In the video production industry deadlines can become very tight. BPS Video Services prides itself in meeting all deadlines imposed by the client. We have two shifts working each day and can easily increase this if required. This is why at BPS Video Services we are your one stop solution to any video problem you may have.